Saturday Prayers: Easter Weekend, 2018

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Holy Saturday March 31st – Easter Day, April 1st, 2018

Easter Blessings to All

May the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection give you Hope, Joy and Peace. We remember his death We proclaim his resurrection We await his coming in glory. Alleluia, Christ is risen.

Lord of life and power, through the mighty resurrection of your Son, you have overcome the old order of sin and death and made all things new in him. May we, being dead to sin and alive to you in Jesus Christ, reign with him in glory, who with you and the Holy Spirit is alive, one God, now and forever. Alleluia, Amen.

The day of resurrection! Earth, tell is out abroad, the Passover of gladness, the Passover of God! From death to life eternal, from earth unto the sky, our Christ hath brought us over with hymns of victory. – John of Damascus

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Jerusalem with the Garden of Resurrection Glory. I am the Living One, behold I am alive for evermore. May peace be within thy walls and plenteousness within your homes. Alleluia. Amen.

Let us pray to the source of all life, that our Risen Lord may fill us with the joy of his holy and life giving resurrection. That isolated and persecuted Christians, refugees, and all people who live in danger, may find fresh strength in the Easter Gospel. That by the mighty Power of the Resurrection wars may cease throughout the world, and by the light of Christ’s Presence peace may dwell in the hearts of all people. Hear us, Lord of glory. Alleluia. Amen.

Heavenly Father, unite us to your Son, through his resurrection and make us one in Him, that we may be sanctified by the Holy Spirit. In the fullness of time reconcile all things in Christ and make them new, bring us to that city of light where you dwell with all you sons and daughters, through Jesus Christ our Lord, the firstborn of all creation, the head of the Church, and the author of our salvation. Almighty Father, Everlasting Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all honour and glory are yours, now and forever. Alleluia, Amen.

Yours be the Glory, risen, conquering Son: endless is the victory over death you won. Bring us safe through Jordan to your home above. Alleluia Amen



nnDnn Archdeacon Ron Matthewman, Vicar General Emeritus


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