Saturday Prayers: January 19th – 20th, 2019

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Second Sunday after Epiphany

We have found the Messiah Jesus Christ, who brings us truth and grace. John 1

Almighty God, your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ is the light of the world. May your people illumined by your word and sacraments, shine with the radiance of his glory, that he may be known, worshipped and obeyed to the ends of the earth, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Be our light in the darkness, we ask you, O Lord, and in your great mercy defend us and keep us safe. Jesus Christ whose love never leaves us; He is the peace that will guide us, His bright light never leaves us. (adapted from Arthur Charles Lawson hymn of praise)


Friday, January 25th – The Conversion of St. Paul

This Jesus God raised up, and of that we all are witnesses. Acts 2. 32

Almighty God, by the preaching of your servant Paul you caused the light of the Gospel to shine throughout the world. May we who celebrate his wonderful conversion follow him in bearing witness to your truth; through Jesus Christ our lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Paul was reborn, O Lord, to preach your holy word; he made your Gospel shine throughout the whole wide world.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Pray with and for Christian people everywhere that we may be united in one holy bond of faith, truth and love, serving and expressing God Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the whole world.

Jesus said, “And I if I am lifted up, will draw the whole world to myself” Let us take up the cross and follow him, in unity and peace.
Jesus said, “Peace I give to you; my peace I leave with you”.

The peace and unity of the Heavenly Kingdom is waiting to be shared, that we may be one in Christ Jesus.

Through that plan we may be made whole.

Amen, Amen and Amen.



nnDnn Archdeacon Ron Matthewman, Vicar General Emeritus


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