Saturday Prayers: July 27th – 28th, 2019

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7th Sunday after Pentecost

A great Prophet has risen up among us! God has visited his people. Luke 7. 16.

O God the protector of all who trust in you, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy, increase and multiply upon us your mercy, that with you as our ruler and guide we may so pass through things temporal, that we lose not the things eternal, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God now and for ever. Amen.

Unto the hills around do I lift up my longing eyes:
O whence for me shall my salvation come, from whence arise ?
From God the Lord doth come my certain aid, from God the Lord, whom heaven and earth hath made.

From every evil shall he keep thy soul, from every sin;
Jehovah shall preserve thy going out, thy coming in. Above thee, watching, he whom we adore, Shall, keep thee henceforth, yea, for evermore
( Paraphrase of Psalm 121.)

Lord Jesus, we pray for all who govern and hold authority in the nations of the world may they preserve your peace and share your love, Amen.

Give us all grace to do your will, and to share the good things you provide. Have compassion on all who suffer from grief, sickness, distress, bereavement. Care for the dying and bring them safely into your fold. Keep us all aware of your presence in our lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord , through whom comes our life and our salvation. Amen.

Almighty God, you have given us grace to make our Saturday Prayers and supplications to you, and though we are separated from each other by many miles, oceans, mountains, time and space, you have promised that when two or three are gathered in our Name, through your well Beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord, we become one body, one holy people, and you not only hear our prayer, you make us one with you. Unite us together in one Holy Fellowship, in love and peace with each other to the praise and glory of you Name. Amen.

Lord help us to use your creation for your greater praise, that all may share the good things you provide and live peaceable with each other to the Glory of your Name. Amen.



nnDnn Archdeacon Ron Matthewman, Vicar General Emeritus


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